An Food Lovers Guide to The 10 Top Restaurants in Abu Dhabi, Uae


up to four Liters of wine, beer or spirits can be purchased from tourists arriving on Dubai International Airport, at the duty-free store in the baggage collection area. This rice dish from the past is prepared using all local spices like cardamom, cinnamon. Then it is mixed with dried lemons. The complimentary Arabic coffee is served all over the UAE from government offices to foyers of hotels. If you want the best visit Cafe Bateel and try the Bateel signature qahwa, which is a traditional Arabic coffee that is made from lightly coffee and cardamom. It is served with local organic dates. Based on my own experiences hygiene and quality checks within Abu Dhabi have always been very strict. Alcohol consumption within Abu Dhabi is only allowed in establishments that have been licensed to sell alcohol generally bars and restaurants in hotels .

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There are happy hour and appetizers at the cool bar which serves fantastic drinks, and the DJ spins some funky music. With its diverse menu of food options and intriguing flavors The dining experience at Tamba is unbeatable by one of the latest establishments that are opening in Abu Dhabi. The restaurant is located in the Palace Downtown Dubai, Thiptara serves guests exceptional Thai food with a particular focus on the Bangkok-style fish. It is appropriately named Thiptara which translates to “Magic of the Water,” The elegant restaurant is situated next to The Dubai Fountain, making it one of the most romantic dining establishments in Dubai. The chef de cuisine at Thiptara has devised an extensive menu that pays homage to Thai food traditions. Expect an array of delicious, fresh meals that span a variety of Thai cuisine’s most famous dishes.

The luxury complex called Arabian Nights Villages Al Maqam provides a high-class excursion into the realm of legends and deserts. The Arabian-style floor-level seating, hand-crafted decorations, a palm-thatched terrace and live performances provide an oasis of culture in the center of desert, where visitors can indulge in delicious meals.

From classic regional Emirati as well as Arabic recipes to the classics of international food, Al Maqam offers a complete culinary experience, which includes cooking classes and bread making classes. With a spectacular panorama over Abu Dhabi and the Arabian Gulf provided by its prime position on the 63rd floor at the Etihad Towers, Quest is one of the most popular restaurants in the city. Inspiring by Asian cuisine, Asian food, Quest provides guests with an innovative interpretation of contemporary fine dining, mixing and reviving flavors from Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and China’.

Being attentive to your employees, listening to their suggestions and holding open houses or discussion sessions will help them feel a sense belonging, and also create a feeling of loyalty to the restaurant. Based how big your business is you may need to increase the number of employees that you hire for specific roles. Along with deciding on the jobs to fill, you’ll have to also outline the requirements and responsibilities for every person you employ for their particular roles. With the help of a POS system, you’ll be able to receive real-time, accurate reports and analyze them quickly in the field. This can reduce the requirement of being available constantly and still be able to monitor your business in a timely manner.

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Mix and mingle in W Lounge and take in stunning views of the race track and marina. Enjoy a drink and delicious food at one of four bar areas while the DJ plays the latest tracks. Yield Management refers to the process of control the usable quantities you are able to draw from a particular ingredient and increase the amount you can draw from it.

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Set up your restaurant so that the patrons of your customer base is already at a high level. Restaurants that are participating in this promotion could change without notice due to seasonality and certain restaurants could be shut down because of circumstances that are beyond our reach. Customers need to make an advance reservation and mention this offer when making the reservation. It is important to mention the offer when booking. Dine Around voucher will need to be presented at the restaurant each time a diner takes a meal. The offer is valid at restaurants that are participating Marriott International UAE Resturantsto dine-in only for the promotional period that runs from 1 March 2021 through the 30th of December in 2022. Join our newsletters and receive the most recent and up-to-date information in travel news.

Find locations that meet your needs, but still fit within your budget. There’s no way to avoid paying high rates and therefore, you need to include these costs in your budget. In the same way you can cut costs on the way you manage your restaurant, which will help you balance your budget. Here are a few of the most prominent food industry issues and solutions for restaurants in the UAE to solve these issues. A fixed menu, buffet or credit for food is available at select participating restaurants according to MORE CRAVINGS. Begin your journey to exploring the best cuisines of UAE and the most famous restaurants up to 31 December 2022. After several years traveling, first food truck in the UAE has become a permanent fixture in Umm Al Emarat Park.

Every moment is filled with a mood, so we design the most perfect blends to go with these moods. Every one of our drinks are carefully crafted and then roasted according to the mood of the day. Relax on the deck and enjoy enjoying Yas Island sun at the WET Deck, located on the roof. Drink refreshing cocktails and listen to the music from our DJs who are resident The WET Deck is the perfect place to be seen and heard.

But, recently, the situation has begun to change in the last few months, with an increasing amount of exciting new Emirati restaurants opening up throughout the city. From mouthwatering breads and sweets as well as Arabic cafes and camel-shaped burgers. We’ve found some of the most delicious local food and drinks you can try while visiting the Middle Eastern foodie oasis. The contemporary steak house that has an elegant and relaxing atmosphere is among the top dining establishments within Abu Dhabi for a sumptuous American style lunch or a delicious Friday brunch. Every dish is perfectly cooked and the specialty steaks and chops come with a selection of house sauces and rubs. The bartender Benny makes some delicious cocktail and delivers them to you with a welcoming smile. One of the top eateries within Abu Dhabi, the chefs at this chic Lebanese restaurant have achieved the art of elevating even the simplest food items like falafel and kebabs to make them special and tasty.