Finally No Wires! Guide To Using an EVDO Internet Access Card & Router for Trade Shows

In February 2006 D-Link, a well known router organization, and Kyocera, a widely known cellular cellphone merchandise producer, released a product so that it will revolutionize how change display exhibitors will gain get right of entry to to broadband Internet get entry to.

In maximum instances exhibitors did not have many options when it came to Internet access at trade indicates, in truth there was truly most effective one. You both rented it from the show production enterprise or went without. At a few suggests the every day get right of entry to price was $500 or extra. Now there is an alternative. In the past 12 months wi-fi get admission to thru mobile smartphone systems has accelerated at a incredible fee and that get entry to is now available in a format that can be shared by way of multiple customers.

The era is called EVDO and this is what cellular providers Verizon Wireless and Sprint use to distribute a wi-fi broadband sign to its subscribers. A normal setup consists of an account with this kind of vendors, a laptop and an access card that plugs into the PC card slot or PCMCIA Slot. This setup is pleasant if best one consumer wanted get right of entry to, but what in case you wanted to create a wired or wi-fi community?

This is where the “revolution” takes location…The EVDO router. This router, to be had at Kyocera and at D-Link inside the near future, allow you to take the get right of entry to card and share it thru a stressed out or wireless get entry to. Similar technologies existed earlier than this router came out, however they weren’t billed as less costly alternatives. The Kyocera EVDO Router has a road charge of $250 – $three hundred. These are the objects you’ll need that allows you to use this generation.

Internet Access Account – $60-$a hundred in line muama ryoko article  with month* – Verizon Wireless or Sprint

EVDO PC Card – $50-$two hundred**

EVDO Router – $250-$300***

Total – $1740-$2900 – based on 24 Months of Service

*see service provider’s web sites for info and gives.
**see provider provider’s websites for info and gives.
***see hardware provider’s websites for information and offers.

Currently, maximum provider carriers require you to signal a 24 month agreement for both a cellphone and Internet get entry to to get their lowest price so please test to look if service (Verizon Coverage, Sprint Coverage) and what plans are to be had for your area. The total fee of 24 months of service and hardware can be equal to what one business enterprise will pay for access at one show so you can see the extremely good fee. You additionally have the usage of a technology that permits you to have get admission to to the Internet 24/7/365 with out the want of any wires.

When EVDO is coupled with modern portable batteries then the generation can be used in methods in no way imagined. Imagine strapping on a framed tenting backpack that has a transportable battery, laptop, and an EVDO card plugged into the EVDO router. Also plugged into the router is a web-cam that has been connected to a helmet that is for your head. You now have a wi-fi, transportable, move anywhere webcasting solution. Couple this setup with a wi-fi bluetooth headset that plugs into an EVDO cellphone (specialized cellphone that can be used with the router) and now you may provide interactive excursions of the show ground with two-manner verbal exchange this is broadcast returned to a website. Other uses consist of POS structures and credit score card authorization structures.

The manner I see it, EVDO will now not most effective shop lots of exhibitors’ cash but it has created a new degree of connectivity for our enterprise. It may also be used to create a whole new class of exchange display reports and for me that is the maximum exciting component!