How to Prepare Yourself for Climate in Thailand for People with Allergic Rhinitis

Knowing that Thailand is a tropical country with unexpected climatic fluctuation is crucial for both those planning trips there and those already living there. People with allergic rhinitis frequently experience periodic illness as a result of the fluctuation. So, following these suggestions would be beneficial for you while living in Thailand if you want to stay healthy all the time. We’ll also go into allergic rhinitis so you can learn more about it.

Get to Know Allergic Rhinitis

Basically, your body’s response to a substance it identifies as a dangerous “intruder” is an allergy. For instance, your immune system, which works as your body’s defense system, may react if it comes into contact with a harmless substance, like pollen. Allergens are substances that cause these reactions. You can have allergies to many different things such as pollen, animal dander, and dust mites.


About allergic rhinitis, it is seasonal nasal allergies that are caused by pollen from plants. That means the allergies change with the seasons. And with Thailand’s climate variability, people with allergic rhinitis are likely to suffer from the allergy. Unfortunately, until now, there is no cure for allergies. However, the symptoms can still be controlled by avoiding those agents that will cause your allergy. Also, medications can also control those symptoms as well.

Preparing Yourself for Climate in Thailand

While you are in Thailand, although the climate is quite unpredictable. You might experience a sunny day and a rainy day on the same day. So, you might have to prepare yourself by bringing your umbrella to protect you from both direct sunlight and rainfall. Also, you might want an air purifier installed in your house. As you cannot know when or how pollen or those substances will be in your house, filtering the air in your house would be quite helpful for you. So, those antigens will not be in your house, making you not worry about the allergy.

 However, when you go to certain places, it is inevitable to say that there is a slight chance to receive those antigens. Because of that, wearing a mask is something that you might consider, so that you can protect yourself from the allergy.

 Even though there is no cure for the allergy and there are only a few ways to prepare and protect yourself from it, you still need to protect yourself from it as it can be harmful to your body if you experience anaphylaxis. Because of that, having insurance, especially for expat health insurance Thailand, is something that would help you a lot when you get sick; your medical expenses will be covered.