Lip Balm – Are You Okay With All the Chemicals?

Natural Lip Balm Vs the Other Kind

Lip balm has been around for over a hundred years. But it took a wrong flip proper at the start. The inventor of lip balm, Dr. C. D. Fleet, started out an unlucky trend by means of the usage of petroleum jelly in his Chap Stick lip balm, and it is most effective become clean in recent years simply how ineffective petroleum jelly is as a lip balm. At nice, due to the fact petroleum jelly is not absorbed by way of the skin, it presents best a short-time period restoration for dry, chapped lips. And because it continues the skin from respiration, it can — if used regularly — sincerely make your lips greater chapped. If you’re seeking out a lip balm that can sincerely heal chapped lips you need to remember lip balm made with shea butter. Shea butter’s impact at the pores and skin is different from that of petroleum jelly. Instead of lying inert on the floor of the lips, it’s miles absorbed with the aid of the skin cells. Because it improves the moisture retention ability of your lips, your lips become dry and chapped an awful lot less frequently.

Why Shea Butter Lip Balm Works

In early adulthood, all of our skin cells — such as those in our lips — start to become greater porous and much less elastic. If shea butter — a substance that both moisturizes the pores and skin and restores the skin cells’ elasticity — is carried out to the lips, then no longer handiest are the cells hydrated, but they gradually regain their natural elasticity in order that they are higher capable of keep moisture from escaping. Because unrefined shea butter contains both a excessive moisturizing fraction and an fantastically excessive recuperation fraction, it’s miles a exceptional agent for revitalizing our pores and skin cells so they get lower back their moisture retention capacity.

Why Petroleum-primarily based Lip Balm Doesn’t Work

Petroleum-based VISIT totally lip balm doesn’t fake to restoration the problem that causes dry chapped lips. Instead, it essentially acts as a band-resource — barely moisturizing the surface of the lips and trapping the moisture there, for this reason quickly making the lips less dry. But to maintain your lips wet the usage of petroleum-primarily based lip balm, you need to frequently reapply the lip balm. Well you might as properly simply lick your lips all of the time — that has the equal temporary effect, it is lots cheaper, and it would not run the risk that bacteria can be trapped among the greasy lip balm and the pores and skin, inflicting further inflammation or even contamination.

Cause of Chapped Lips

Chapped lips are, of path, the end result of our lips being too dry. Everyone reports dry chapped lips at one time or every other, however some of us have a severe and chronic problem. The cause of excessive and continual dry lips is that our pores and skin has lost its moisture retention capacity. As a consequence, our lips become easily chapped. The chapping in addition reduces the moisture retention ability and this vicious circle outcomes within the problem turning into persistent and increasingly more severe. Whether you simply have occasional chapping or chronic and extreme chapping, shea butter lip balm is a superb preference since it complements the skin’s moisture retention properties.