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Doctors provide us courting fever whilst politicians simply leave us bloodless. A look at carried out by means of FastLife Speed Dating on eligible professions found out that docs are the most dateable profession for both ladies and men, while politicians had been ranked most of the least suitable. The survey of four hundred male and woman FastLife members as compared the “sexiness” and “dateability” of twenty one-of-a-kind professions and found that men and women had been rarely in agreement about what constitutes horny or dateable.

The traditional beliefs of “male” and “girl” professions 인천 호빠 seem to hold up as some distance as dateability. 88% of guys might date a nurse, in comparison to most effective 69% of ladies. Similarly, airhostesses had been considered twice as dateable as lady pilots. Women remember docs (92%), lawyers, architects and property sellers (all 89%) the most dateable professions, interesting that they’re additionally the best paid professions blanketed within the survey.

“The survey suggests that for ladies there’s a clean discrepancy between professions that are horny and those which can be dateable… While male lawyers are taken into consideration distinctly dateable, regulation isn’t considered a horny profession. Conversely, whilst most people of girls taken into consideration male fashions horny, they would not date one”, says Meredith Hopper, FastLife’s Events Manager. “The men’s results confirmed a far closer dating among ‘sexy’ and ‘dateable’, with models, nurses, air hostesses and dancers all providing noticeably on both scales”.

A recent ballot performed by way of a chief worldwide on line dating large discovered that at the sexiness scale, guys rated doctors and nurses (50%) over athletes (21%), bartenders (17%) and firefighters (12%). Women definitely preferred firefighters, with an overwhelming 70% of women indicating firemen as their pinnacle pick out. Women voted bartenders the least attractive (7%), accompanied closely by way of athletes (eleven%) and doctors/nurses (12%).

“We’re now not amazed by way of this result. There’s something irresistible approximately a person in uniform with a big hose”, says Hopper.


1. Men consider medical doctors and fashions to be the maximum dateable profession (ninety two%), accompanied carefully via nurses, airhostesses, dancers and musicians (all 88%).
2. 100% of fellows agreed that fashions were sexy, accompanied via dancers (96 in keeping with cent), flight attendants (ninety two%), and athletes (88%).
3. Few guys could date developers (16%), politicians (20%) and firewomen (28%).
4. Female builders (15%), plumbers (19%) and politicians (23%) have been the least sexy female professions, perhaps explaining why there has never been a builder or plumber Barbie.


1. 92% of women would date a medical doctor, observed by using legal professionals, architects and property specialists (all 89%).
2. Athletes have been considered the sexiest male profession (78%), accompanied via firemen (seventy five%) and medical doctors (sixty nine%).
Three. While sixty seven% of girls keep in mind male models attractive, handiest 56% could be inclined to date one.
4. Male politicians had been the lowest scorers on each dimensions. Only 31% of ladies would date a baby-kisser whilst a trifling 14% determined them sexy.
Five. It appears girls like a man in uniform with doctors, firefighters and pilots all scoring distinctly on both sex enchantment and dateability. Architects also did properly on each counts.
6. Although 78% of ladies could date an accountant, simplest 28% considered them horny.
7. Nice men completed closing with social workers (28%) and male nurses (33%) near the bottom of the sexiness ladder, despite the fact that they fared appreciably better on dateability with sixty one% and 69% respectively.